Antminer e9 price with Payment Plan

Antminer e9 price with Payment Plan

Everyone’s financial situation is different, and we’ve received a lot of requests from our new customers about a payment plan. Now we’re happy to announce that we’re offering a payment plan for purchasing the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner.

If the Antminer E9 Price was making you hesitate, you’ll love this new option. Our payment plan allows you to receive your miner for an initial $5000 USD payment, and then you can pay the remaining $10,000 USD over the next eight months.

Your payment plan date will start from your purchase date.

Your final payment due date will be 5th of the 8th month from your purchase date. For example, if you purchase this machine for $5000 USD on the 1st of July 2022, then you’ll need to finish paying the remaining $10,000 USD before the 5th of February 2023.

Any customer who wants to enroll in our Installment Payment Plan will need to sign an agreement with our company.

How to enroll

Please place your order here ( HERE ) and after the order confirmation we will send you the Payment Agreement Application for signing.


Q: Is there any interest rate on the payment plan?
A: No, there is no interest rate added to this price. You just have to pay the original cost of the machine.

Q: What if I fail to make all my payments within eight months?
A: All customers are required to complete their payments in eight months. If you are not be able to pay, then you will have to return the machine to us and we will have the right to resell it with a refurbished tag.