Bitmain E9 ASIC Miner: The ETH Miner With Most Power

One of the biggest companies in the crypto field has recently announced a brand-new machine. The Bitmain E9 ASIC is the name of it and from the initial look, it seems to be the Ethereum miner with the most power on the market.

That sounds amazing, right? But just how powerful is it? Just consider this, the power E9 possesses is on par with almost three dozen RTX 3080 cards and more than two dozen RTX 3090 cards. When you compare it to standard NVIDIA mining cards, you’d need at least a hundred of them to replicate the power of the Bitmain E9 ASIC rig.

How impressed are you? Well, if you’re new to all of this, you probably are captivated by the numbers, but you’re not completely sure what it all means. But we’re here to help. Let’s see what ASIC crypto mining is, how powerful the E9 is, and why it’s well worth your attention.

What New Miners Need to Know About Bitmain E9 ASIC

The first thing we need to discuss is what an ASIC miner is. If you don’t know what these miners are used for, how they work, and why they’re so popular, there’s no real point in discussing the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner, isn’t it? Let’s answer some of the biggest questions many of you have right about now.

· What is Crypto Mining?

Bitcoin mining involves using computer power to solve difficult equations to verify transactions on the Blockchain network. These computers are charged with processing and verifying these transactions, and checking each other’s work. Once they manage to complete one of these problems (called hashes), they get rewarded with some coins for their efforts. The key here is that it can be very difficult or time-consuming for your typical PC or laptop to do the necessary mathematics, but your typical ASIC miner can do them almost instantly.

· What Does ASIC Even Mean?

ASIC stands for “Application Specific Integrated Circuit”. Put simply, this means that the hardware is built to accomplish a single purpose very efficiently, rather than being an all-purpose machine. An ASIC miner is designed to mine

· Why Are ASIC Miners So Much More Powerful Than Your Computer?

Well, it’s not so much that they are more powerful than your computer on their own, but the purpose-built design of an ASIC miner makes it far superior for this specific task. They have very high hash rates compared to even GPU miners or CPU mining rigs, and when you factor in power consumption, they also manage to be significantly cheaper to run long term.

· What is a Hash Rate?

A hash rate is how fast one of these machines can complete the necessary work required for mining BTC. It’s measured in hashes per second or H/s for short. There are many different hash rates of ASIC mining machines, but the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner has a hash rate of astounding 3GH/s, which makes is it by far the most powerful ETH-mining tool available.

· Why is it so Popular?

There are many reasons why this device is so popular but there are two standout reasons. Firstly, the cost to performance ratio with these devices is almost unbeatable compared with other technologies out there right now. The second reason people love it is its power efficiency. It can manage that level of output while only consuming around 2,566 watts of electricity.

· Can You Build a Custom ASIC Rig?

Absolutely, but it’s not as cost-effective as buying a miner like the Bitmain E9 ASIC, at least for now. It can also take a lot of trial and error to get right and requires very specific parts and know-how.

· Can You Mine Any Cryptocurrency With ASIC?

Technically, yes. However, ASIC miners were designed for mining a single cryptocurrency and it would not be very efficient to use them for anything else because of how they work. If you buy the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner, it would be smart to use it only for Ethereum mining.

· Is ASIC Mining Profitable?

It may be hard to say definitively right now. It is certainly more profitable than GPU mining and CPU mining, but that’s because it manages to convert electricity into BTC at a much higher rate than other miners. The Bitmain E9 ASIC miner is very energy efficient as well, which makes it even more attractive for those with high electricity costs.

· Can you Overclock or Modify this Device?

Yes, although not as easy as one might hope. You cannot overclock the device by itself, however, there are some unofficial overclocking tools for these devices that claim to increase their hash rates by 10-20%. For this reason alone it’s best to research any overclocking tool carefully before attempting it yourself.

Bitmain E9 ASIC Miner Hash Power

Not only does the E9 have the highest hash rate out of any miner on the market, but its relatively low energy consumption makes it extremely profitable. If you’re a first-timer in the crypto world, and you’re looking to create a cost-effective rig for yourself, this might be the perfect product for you.

Initially, it has been predicted that the E9 would cost between $20,000 and $25,000. Some even thought that the price would be higher than $30,000. But luckily for the crypto community, the price turned out to be much lower. You can buy the Bitmain E9 ASIC miner for just $15,000, plus the shipment costs.

Just how much money can you make with it? Of course, it depends on the region you’re living in. But let’s say that you’re living in a part of the world where electricity is expensive. Even if electricity costs are around $0.15 per kWh, you can still make around $60 every day with the E9. We’re talking about pure profits.

If that seems to be the case, you can fully pay off your machine in just 85 days. After that, every penny you make is pure profit. What’s more, since the E9 is so advanced, you won’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete either. It will be a profitable ETH miner for a long time.

All of that wasn’t enough? You’re still not sure whether this miner is the right choice for you? Then, we need to give you some concrete reasons. In our opinion, Bitmain E9 ASIC is a great choice for mining because of the following:

  • Bitmain has been around since 2013 and they’ve created dozens of best-selling crypto-mining tools. Bitmain has an established reputation as a trustworthy company.
  • The Bitmain E9 ASIC is easy to assemble, straightforward to use and is more energy-efficient than other models on the market.
  • The miner comes with a warranty, which gives buyers peace of mind that they can trust the Bitmain E9 ASIC.
  • It costs less than $20,000, which is extremely cost-effective, considering how much power it can give you.
  • Allows you to have a gull ETH mining rig without compromising too much space in your home or creating a lot of noise in the process.

How does Bitmain E9 ASIC Miner work?

The Bitmain E9 ASIC miner is a new model for Bitmain which allows them to expand their business into selling ASIC chips to potential clients who want to manufacture their mining hardware. This allows a client to use a ready-made chip instead of designing one themselves, which requires expensive equipment and knowledge of specialized technology.

The benefit of using an off-the-shelf miner is that there are no more overblown estimated specs or theoretical performance. As we mentioned earlier the hash rate of the Bitmain E9 ASIC Miner is staggering 3 GH/s. If you’re creating your rig from scratch, you won’t be sure about the hash rate. When you buy a miner from Bitmain, you know you’re getting quality.

Bitmain itself manufactures mining hardware for its use at facilities on three different continents across the world, which they can sell at a discounted price compared to what they charge other clients who purchase chips from them, allowing Bitmain to undercut competitors on price while still making a profit.

Bitmain E9 ASIC Miner: Good for Miners, Good For Gamers!

The Bitmain E9 ASIC is a great choice for both experienced crypto enthusiasts and people who are new to mining. New-gen products like the Bitmain E9 ASIC provide electricity-efficient tools that make it easier for inexperienced users to enter the world of cryptocurrency.

The E9 holds a lot of power. This allows Bitmain customers to generate Ethereum without having to spend too much money on other products. We can expect it to become one of the best-selling crypto miners over the past few years. That’s good for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it allows people to enter the market for a relatively low price, pay off their rig in just a few months, and start making real money quickly. What’s more, the E9 will also attract many people that would go and buy gaming GPUs otherwise.

Lastly, Gamers can rejoice knowing that the GPU shortage is coming to an end.