Bitmain E9 For Sale

Top Reasons to Buy the Fastest ASIC Miner

It has been a couple of weeks since the release of the E9 miner by Bitmain. When it was first announced, considering its features, many people thought that the miner would cost around $25,000. However, you can find Bitmain E9 for sale for $15,000. When you compare this ASIC to other miners in its class, the E9 is considered to be one of the fastest in the market.

There are many factors to consider when you want to buy an ASIC miner. For example, you need to know if it is capable of delivering hash power even in poor conditions, has a high hashing speed, and can be used with any kind of voltage supply. With Bitmain Antminer E9, there are many reasons to buy this Bitcoin ASIC.

Today, we’re going to discuss why people mine for crypto, how to get started, and why Bitmain E9 for sale is your best option for investment.

Why do People Mine for Crypto in the First Place?

Mining for cryptocurrency is a process of making computers verify digital transactions of cryptocurrency, like a ledger. The more transactions that are verified, the more currency is mined, and the more currency you have.

People can mine coins by verifying transactions and solving mathematical puzzles. Basically, mining is just using your computer to do math problems. For years, you’ve heard about people getting rich from Bitcoin mining. But in the last couple of years, things have been a bit different.

Nowadays, it’s much more profitable to find a miner like Bitmain E9 for sale, purchase it, and start mining Ethereum. That’s because the strong market price and low operating costs make Ethereum mining much more profitable.

How to Start Ethereum Mining

An Ethereum miner is a computer specially designed with software that is used for mining Ethereum, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies using a graphics card and its GPU chips or mid-to-high range central processing units (CPUs).

An Ethereum miner is a computer specially designed with software that is used for mining coins on the Ethereum network. When it comes to hardware, some people still use GPUs to mine. But due to the recent shortage, many miners of ETH started using special hardware known as ASIC (Application Specific Integrated circuits) miners.

Why GPU Mining Isn’t Such a Good Idea

You can see Bitmain E9 for sale all over the Internet these days. Should that be the only reason why you should go for an ASIC mining rig? Far from it. There are numerous other reasons. For instance, GPU manufacturers have made buying graphics cards extremely difficult for miners.

NVidia, in particular, has made it more difficult for those wishing to buy Bitcoin mining equipment to find the best deals on NVidia’s website. Some of the features of Ampere-based graphics cards have been underclocked. Buying an underclocked card could compromise your mining operation significantly.

The Ethereum Network Hash Rate

Furthermore, in the last few months, Ethereum has been dealing with a series of attacks from hackers by releasing malicious code. The attack was done loosely as a means for the miner to make a quick buck and as a result, the total ETH hash rate has been reduced.

After the attack in July 2021, the average hash rate was 505,770 GH/s which is remarkably lower than June 2021’s average figure of 610,832 GH/s. This is a 17% reduction.

Of course, mining ETH is still a lot more profitable than BTC. The hash rate is expected to go back to normal by the end of the year. The ongoing GPU shortage, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere. Finding a Bitmain E9 for sale and investing in it is a far better idea.

Top Reasons Why Bitmain E9 for Sale is What You Need

Buyers need to consider many factors before buying a new machine for cryptocurrency mining. For instance, the cost of electricity and the hash rate must be taken into account. The more you’re willing to spend on these two areas, the faster your return on investment will be. All computers that are verifying cryptocurrency transactions are part of the ledger, which helps make crypto decentralized compared to the centralized nature of traditional banking.

If you want to buy a new machine, it’s important to calculate the ROI as well as how much electricity is needed for miners and how much you can spend on them so that you don’t overspend. As Bitmain reveals, their new E9 miner can produce up to 100 megahashes per second. This is the fastest ASIC miner on the market right now. But there are other reasons why you should consider finding Bitmain E9 for sale.

· It’s Specifically Designed for ETH Mining

ASIC stands for “application-specific integrated circuit.” In other words, an ASIC is a device that’s designed for a specific purpose or use. This type of design is going to be faster and more efficient than a general-purpose chip because it doesn’t have to spend any of its time doing things that aren’t necessary to the specific function.

Devices like Bitmain E9 are designed for one task: calculating hashes and solving puzzles on a blockchain. It’s not the same as rendering the graphics for video games like graphic cards.

The other thing is that an ASIC miner can process one problem at a time, while a GPU can render many problems concurrently. This means it takes less time for a GPU to solve an equation than it would take an ASIC machine to solve the same equation.

· Bitmain E9 for Sale is Really Cost-Effective

ASIC mining is more cost-effective than GPU mining because ASIC miners can be customized to mine a specific type of coin, while GPUs are designed to mine all types of coins. While there are some GPUs manufactured for specific coins, they’re virtually impossible to find for retail.

Finding Bitmain E9 for sale can be extremely cost-effective if you play your cards right. The machine can be purchased for $15,000 and will be able to produce around $60 of Ethereum per day. This is not too shabby at all.

Hash rate measures the mining speed of a computer. The higher the hash rate, the better it is for your machine. So know that Bitmain E9 has the best hash rate out of all other miners on today’s market which means you should buy it if you want to mine crypto.

· ASIC Mining Can Be More Profitable

ASIC mining is more profitable than GPU mining for a few reasons. First, the rig size for GPU mining is much higher than ASIC mining. It also requires a lot of cables and power supply units to run. The cost of running the GPUs is much more expensive for rigs with over six GPUs in them without adding in the cost of power supply units, cases, fans, etc.

Secondly, the power efficiency of ASICs is much higher than GPUs because they are designed specifically for one thing only. In order to emulate the power of Bitmain Antminer E9, you would need 32 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. If you know anything about GPUs, you know that these cards aren’t cheap.

You have to realize that 32 GPUs would require a lot of electricity. Even if they manage to mine a good amount of ETH daily, you would still need a year until you start making a profit, due to high electricity bills. Not only can you find Bitmain E9 for sale, for a lot less money, but it will result in a much lower electricity bill.

· No Need for Additional Equipment

You won’t need to buy any specialized computer parts for ASIC mining. All you need is a web browser to control your ASIC mining devices with.

An ASIC mining device is plugged into the USB port on a computer or hub. The E9 with powerful fans that will keep the temperature low, no matter how long you keep the device running. That means you won’t need to invest any additional money into a cooling system.

So you can use your current laptop, whether it’s a Mac or Windows computer, or even your mobile device. You don’t necessarily need to buy extra parts. This is then much easier than putting together a GPU mining rig with the right GPUs and set-up.

Find Bitmain E9 for Sale Today!

Purchasing a mining rig is one of the first steps in becoming a successful miner. Here are some things to consider when buying your mining rig:

  • How much money are you willing to invest
  • What type of money do you want to make
  • Will the rig you’ve bought gives you the best ROI

For Ethereum miners, the best option is simple: find Bitmain E9 for sale, set it up, and start mining Ethereum. This machine will help you maximize your gains and achieve that passive income you’ve always dreamed of.